Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin

Sunday, November 6, 2022
12 pm – 2 pm

The reincarnated Giant
Director: Han YANG
In the future, mankind has lost its living environment after a nuclear war. Facing this existential crisis, Mr. KONKAI, the leader of KONKAI consortium, has decided to reincarnate himself into a giant baby with the gene mutation technology to end the turbulent civil strife of mankind with a bee-like society structure. Although it seems that the social order is restored under the implementation of such a method, the heavy labor that is required to maintain the giant baby has exhausted everyone, and resistance power has also grown in the dark. One day, Dr. Motose received a message that the giant’s red blood cell index is falling sharply…

The elusive Joy of Labor
Director: Miao YU
Thomas, a graduate in his thirties, is going to the unemployment office to find a job. In the search for a job advisor, he comes across an absurd world of self-employment at a congress held there, where one has to invent a job to find a place in the dystopian society.

Hair Tie, Egg, Homework Books
Director: Xiuzhi DONG
Anshan Diaries uses a real family’s life as its backdrop. Director Charles Xiuzhi Dong casts his grandpa, the revolutionaries of the left wing, as the film’s lead, investigating and retracing his family saga spanning three decades of Chinese post-cultural revolution history.

Bathing Aid
Director: Shuyun XIE
On a hot summer day, Jin Lan’s disabled husband Mao Dong wants to take a bath. This seemingly basic need brings a series of unexpected challenges to the empty-nest couple in the context of urban renewal.

Shanghai Reset
Director: Qiao HU
The system seems to be testing how people think about things. This is a film made during the 2022 Shanghai lockdown period and the whole film is shot with iPhone 13 pro.

Director: Xingyu YE
Xiao Qi is a member of the student union’s publicity department and edits a promotional video for the student union’s general election meeting. After the clip was finished, a piece of news from China Central Television changed “the video”.